Do i really S*ck that bad??

Now I realize  that I left myself open to ridicule but here me out first. I played modern warfare 1 and was pretty good I held my own usually in the top 4 in kills not awesome but not horrible. I played MW2 and world at war on veteran and but did not play any multiplayer due to being to busy with work and stuff like that. So I got MW3 and played it on veteran and started to play multiplayer. Now I understood I might have some rust but jesus I am absolutely horrible I mean IM coming in last or close to last every game. Has the game changed that much or am I just that much out of practice???  I mean im dying before I can get my gun up to aim. also one question does the snap to target work on multiplayer  You know when you are looking at an enemy and hit the left trigger???


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Eh, give it another week and you'll be alright.

And the snap-to-target feature only works when the target is very close to the center of the ADS.

Otherwise you'll have to manually correct it.

I always start off bad,  I think it's a matter of learning the maps and the busiest avenues of approach.  I find that once you learn all the maps you will see more kills.

I'm the same. I was very good at MW2 and BOps but this one is rediculous. Not matter how many bullets I put into someone, they won't drop. I'm lucky if I get 5 kills a match.

This one does seem alot more aggressive than BOp's tbh.

Play with me, you will feel good about yourself!


it took me until the third day of playing (MP only) to get back in the flow and really start enjoying it.

a lot has to do with learning the maps and tweaking your streaks / perks / weapons.

It's seriously not hard to do well in CoD. The game was tailored for casual players.

My K/D was 1.38 in Black Ops, and I'm at about 0.94 right now after 7 hours.   I can relate some.  My games are swinging wildly due to the skill of other players and HUGE latency variations, that I did not notice with Black Ops.

BOp's my k/d ratio was 3.2, MW3, less than 1. No, I wasn't a camper in BOp's before anyone mentions it...

I started off bad as well. In the previous COD games, we were used to running around and getting kills. This game is a lot different. The weapons are stronger and unfortunately there is lag and bad spawns at the moment. My suggestion, would be to slow down a bit. When I did this, I went back to dominating like I did in the previous COD's. Hope this helps. :-)

your not bad its the auto aim people that are making the game crap. i mean it will be another week till the banning starts so hold on all will get better.

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