Do i get 5% back from XBL Rewards if i buy a season pass of a TV show?

Do i get 5% back from XBL Rewards if i buy a season pass of a TV show off the zune marketplace? of does this just apply only to game add-ons and such


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I thought it was only to gold subscription renewal

does anybody know?

This is from the Xbox Live Rewards page:


"Stay Gold and get 5% back on your February Marketplace purchases!*"


"*Offer is valid for Xbox LIVE Rewards members who have an active continuous Gold subscription on or before 1 February 2012 which is in effect through February 29, 2012 with no lapse (This excludes trial Gold subscriptions). Eligible members will receive 5% Microsoft Points back on all Marketplace purchases made from February 1, 2012 through February 29, 2012. Marketplace purchases include Avatar items, game add-ons, movie purchases or rentals and Xbox LIVE Arcade games. No points will be given back for Gold subscriptions, Zune Passes and Microsoft Points purchases."


By Zune Passes I believe they are referring to the Zune Music Pass and that a TV season pass would count as a "movie purchase or rental", but I don't know for sure.