do horde mutators disable achivements/ribbons/medals?

I just learned about some of the mutators you can unlock and enable for horde, and was wondering if using them disables any achievement/ribbon/medal awards?  I know they result in XP penalties, but if you're just looking to beat horde on all 50 levels for example you might not care so much about the XP.  Infinite ammo sounds quite helpful especially on the higher levels and on insane level.


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No, actually when you go to enable a mutator you get to select from the mutators that have been unlocked by those in your party.  Everyone in the match get to mutator not just the person who unlocked them.  They mutators do give you a definite edge but they don't take away the challenge of the game. I played a game last night where I had infinite ammo, and super reload but my friend had big explosion and I could select it.  Also this doesn't not affect achievements, or ribbons.

One other question; if you enable mutators, does it apply to the entire squad (even for players who haven't unlocked them) or just to the players that have them unlocked?

No they don't disable any Achievements/Medals, however some will cause you to earn less XP than you normally would, and some will cause you to earn more. Basically, anything that makes it easier gets you less XP, harder gets you more.


Any tips on unlocking the mutators relatively quickly?