do Gears 1 clans still exist?

Hey guys, so this is only my second post under this gamertag, a lot of you may know me from my other gamertags in the past but i wont go into that right now.

Basically, I got the red rings of death on my first 2 360s (old school white ones), so I traded everything in and got myself a cheap PS3, was unhappy with that (especially with PSN), and overall missed my experience with 360/Xbox Live, so I traded all THAT stuff in, and got myself a new 360 (250 gb),and am very pleased so far (have had it for about a week now, my old 360s were back in the first 2-3 launch years)

I used to have a ton of games for my 360 but now I only have Gears of War and Call of Duty 2 (old but classics). I've also been playing the Gears 3 beta a lot, which i love over Gears 2

I used to be really competitive in Gears, was in several clans such as vVv, would love to get back into it but i doubt the Gears community for the first game is very tight these days

Basically I wanted to introduce myself and ask the question posed in the subject...anybody in a Gears 1 clan still? do they even still exist? do you guys think gears 3 will be big in the clan community? personally i think so, i honestly hated gears 2 multiplayer and can say that gears 3 is by far what gears 2 SHOULD have been


theres no "Gears 1" forum so I figured this would be the best place


feel free to respond.


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im sure there are plenty of clans that still play the first gear but i dont think you will find them here yet until the forums are 100%

Been a few months since I played gears now but there will always be people playing it. It has it's days when you won't find a match but at weekends you can usually play.

People quit all the time on gow though so don't take it too seriously.

thuglife do you know of any places where clans might be found?

and thanks formula i'd have to agree with everything you said based on what i've seen so far, ive also found myself getting booted by the host because they considered something i did to be "cheap", which is why ive actually been tryin to play ranked matches even tho idc about my rank at all, but then in ranked matches one or two ppl always leave after the first round they lose, and there are no bots or ways for more ppl to join

i still love the game, but damn talkin bout this just makes me want gears 3