do achievements pop mid game?

or at the end after the game ends?

the game is due from gamefly today. i planned on doing some achievement hunting later. it's easier to just set the game to 15 minute quarters and rack up stats than try to accomplish them within a shorter game, then start a new one, so i'm hoping they pop the momey you earn them.



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Have only seen them pop at the end of a game.

Some of them do, for example; the Tim Tebow and Desean Jackson achievements pop up in game (after you ahve completed them).

Only seen them show after...but I've only played 2 games thus far.

I only have 1 so far (score 20 points) and it came up at the end of the game.  Im not one to chase achievements, but the achievements for this game suck.  Way too many are based on individual players and performances.

I agree.

I just looked at what they are & I'll probably never accomplish any of them as I only play as one team.

The achievement where you have to hold your opponent below a certain amount of offensive yards pops up at the end of the game too. I only got that one and the score 20 points one today after one game.