This is the DNA clan or group. IN this clan we accept all, even the players that are new to the game or xbox in general. IN this clan we can do many fun things and events and possibly go on youtube. Rules are very simple and all of you guys should know like respect other clan members etc. Message me if your r interested on joining the clan and when or if you do join your gamertag can be anything that is between DNA and GUN, for example DNASHOTGUN, DNASTARGUN, and for the GG DNALADYGUN. If you dont want to or have dont have the money i understand you can just put your clan tag to DNA or have your bio that you are in the DNA clan, again message me if you want to join.


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sorry for the typos guys and misplace grammar

I find it interesting, that a level 4 ambassador.  Would put into Clan advertisement.    " Rules are very simple and all of you guys should know like no trash talking unless provoke " .   Sets a bad example for all of us ambassadors.  You should never trash talk.  Use the mute option, and move on.  

even though they  will  provoke back, i studied peoples reaction by joining parties and observing parties and MLG clans when they chat each other and also random lobbies, but people shouldn't be put done and be defenseless against another person because he or she may be worse or different then him. But yeah that whats the mute button is for right but you cant relay on that all the time can you. Also you are right about talking smack to another person when you are angered sorry for putting that there but most xbox members does this and they don't really back out from a fight.

and that should be optional