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So I was able to play the DLC because I had a couple of saves for my character before the end of the game. My friend on the other hand has an account on my Xbox with which he only had one save file. This save file of course was at the end, when you can't leave and play the DLC's. Is there a way to work around this??? I know there was a patch that was supposed to fix it but it isn't working or something.


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As of right now once you start the battle of hoover dam you can't do anything but complete it. I hear rumours that the future dlc will extend the main storyline, but as of right now no.

True. As far as I have a save is just before I do Battle with the Legate. After you beat him the only thing left to do is leave the camp and the General guy blows up the gate and congratulates you and the game "ENDS". What a big let down for me.

Mostly because then they come out with the DLC's. Each one was just a short game on it's own. IMHO this was very short sighted on the producers side. At least with the DLC's from FO you could go back to the wastes and/or continue.

I would love to see that patch/fix or whatever but why now? Most of us have already finished and restarted multiple times so really? whats the point now. Only the very newest folks playing the game will get any benefit.

They have stated many times that they will not ever be making the game open-ended.  Once you start the dam that's it.  Because of complaints about this, they have implemented an automatic save in a separate slot when you reach the point of no return, so that you can go play the DLCs from this point.  However, if you made it to the dam before this was implemented then you are out of luck, there is no way around it.


Just a note:  you should never rely on a single save slot for this game.  There are still game-breaking glitches and the occasional problem with corrupted saves.  Playing with a single save slot is just asking for something to happen that requires you start the game over from the beginning.  I personally always save in a new slot, never overwriting an existing save, then periodically go and clean out some of the older saves.  Even when I do that I keep a bare minimum of 5, usually more like 10, saves.  It is a little bit of a pain to have to do the periodic clearing, but the chances are fairly high that doing this will ultimately save you more time than you lose. A single serious problem with a save could cost many many hours of game play if you don't have any backups.

No downloads will ever go past the main story line and continue the game past the dam sorry.

Why would they do that? You would have almost no quests to do if the battle was over. (Most of your quests are based on the factions being busy with the battle) They would have to add a ton of content just to make the game playable after that. Like giving NPCs something else to talk about. (Thats alot of actors to call back) Then remove the losing faction's bases (having them just chilling out after they lost wouldn't make much sense.)  Add more quests so players that rush the story can level up still. And so very much more. Why should they wastte their time an money doing that when there already is a solution? Players can just not do the final mission. I'd rather them work on a new Fallout insted of catering to players who rushed the main story.

I can't say I rushed the story but your right about the waste of time trying to fix something that isn't broke. I should have paid more attention to the fact that DLC's were in the works. I'm on my 3rd playthrough and just now after Honest Hearts I'm seeing for the first time a big glitch. Back from the canyon and just wanted to run up some XP for the next one. I went back to the BoS bunker and every time I try to leave I get the total black screen and lockup. That new "Dismiss Your Companions terminal didn't unlock Gannon from the Lucky 38 either. He's still swearing I have too many friends. They always seem to add something after an update but this time they missed a few important things. I can't seem to find what they did fix. Sooo! to get back on the subject of patch's. Are you saying that if I go ahead and get the last two DLC's, OWB and then Lonesome road? I'll then be able to Start a whole brand new play and not have any trouble?

I haven't been at this very long but I do think we're dreaming if we think that.

Thamks for the help, I guess he will just have to play another playthrough :(