DLC XP Caps, 35 or 40? Playing Honest Hearts from Dead Money saves...

So I just picked up the Honest Hearts DLC and had already finished Dead Money. I know Dead Money raised the XP cap from 30 to 35... and I just loaded for the first time and now I got another message saying Honest Hearts raised the XP cap by 5. Does that imply that the XP cap is now 40? Or is it a redundant message and it's still 35?


ALSO... I know they just put out the patch so at the end of the game you can reload one of your saves so that you can play the DLC without starting a new game.. but can you do that from your Dead Money saves? While I played through Dead Money I reached up to a level 33 and my save before the END of the main campaign I am a 28. I'd like to use my level 33 save for Honest Hearts, is that possible?


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Each DLC raises the level cap by 5, so your new max level is 40.  It will go up another 5 for each additional DLC you install.

The patch introduced an automatic  save at the point of no return, that's all it does.  What level you are when you go to do the next one will depend on which save you load.

What I found is that after you complete Dead Money you can exit into the Mojave again and continue on from there. Thus keeping your XP from the Dead Money DLC.