DLC worth it?

I played ME1 and I'm about to start on ME2...which of the DLC's are worth getting?

Also, should I get them now, or after the first playthrough?



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Story-based dlc in order of quality (IMO):

  1. Lair of the Shadow Broker
  2. Kasumi: Stolen Memories
  3. Overlord
  4. Arrival

Although they can all be played after you complete the game, I would definitely get them before you start your playthrough.


Other dlc worth getting would be the Firepower pack.


Cant really argue with Schuey's list there to be honest.  LOtSB was the best single dlc, I have ever purchased (for any game).  Kasumi and Overlord are also very good, and not much between them to be fair.  I was a bit let down with Arrival.


I would play Overlord and Kasumi during your ME2 campaign, with the other two, post campaign. Thats me though. Some play Arrival mid campaign, but it doesnt seem right to me.  I would have thought most people would definately tend to play LOtSB post campaign.


Id say its worth downloading the Cerberus Network too. (check if still free with new copies) The Normandy crash site, and Zaeed are both worthwhile.  Personally, I never really liked the Hammerhead from Firewalker, although it looks good in the Normandy shuttle bay.


Totally agree with Firepower pack too. The Mattock rifle is one of the best in the game.  I wouldnt bother with the alternate appearance packs, unless you are a die hard fan, who must have everything. Waste a creds lol

Lair of the Shadow Broker is a must have DLC for Mass Effect 2 no doubt about it. It doesn't matter if you play it during the main campaign or after the final mission as it changes depending on when you play it.



As for the others ... pretty optional. If you're going to get Kasumi: Stolen Memories you may as well get it right away since having her as an additional squad member is kind of pointless after the main campaign. Her personal mission, while interesting enough, is pretty short and she's not the most useful squad member in combat. Add the fact that she has no "true" conversations in the Normandy and yeah ...


Arrival was a huge letdown and it looks like they're going to have Mass Effect 3 assume you completed it anyway. Your choice.

Lair of the Shadow Broker is definitely a must have DLC for Mass Effect 2.  Stolen Memory should be played during the main game. Kasumi is a good squad-mate but the main reason is because you get the best SMG in the game. I guess Arrival should be played to bridge the gap between ME1 + 2.

There is also the information contained in the greybox.  I am sure this will be very important in ME3.

IMO they are all worth it but thats just me.

LoTS is by far the best.

Kasumi and Overlord are decent aswell and they are by no means bad just short I would say.

Arrival is not as bad as people say it may be the weakest DLC but its still enjoyable although it does lack choices which was my main disappointment.


Lair of the Shadow Broker is good and I thought the ending to Overlord was great.

SilentRich69 hit exactly what I was going to say. I enjoyed them all, LOSB is deffinetly the best.

Overlord - the ending always makes me cry... the voice acting, the music, gets me every time.

If you love the Mass Effect universe, get them all!  Heck, I even bought the genesis comic.

Every one of them adds to an all ready stellar gaming experience...:-)