DLC too hard?

Hi guys just seeing if anyone is having as hard a time with the dlc as i am.

I'm at the end of the game, final boss battles n all that and my roles are as below for both sarah and noel;

com: lv.99
rav: lv.99
sen: lv.70
sab: lv.35
syn: lv.40
med: lv.99 

 yet i still get my a*s kicked with both collesum fights even if i switch it to easy mode.

I've beaten omega once, struggling all the way only to see that i didn't capture him. are square enix kidding me!? i know optional bosses are always harder in final fantasy but surely not when I'm paying to recruit that character.

im not arguing it should be some sort of challenge, but not this much, especially when I'm paying for it AND not garunteed to recruit them!?


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the two dlc battles have a 7% chance to even capture them. lol.

well, this game is much easier than 13, go kill yomi a couple of times and level up and you shouldnt have a problem.

easier than 13? the normal stuff yeah but not the boss fights. mate I've had no problem with 7 - 13 but the boss battle on this are pretty ridiculous at times

i already got 5 star on final boss

why do i bother....... I'm asking for help and all i get is a bunch of people saying how 1337 the are. this is why i don't usually bother with the forums

Wow. Lightning will use and abuse you... I didn't even last a minute =/

I got through it by having some buff feral links ready, I was upset I didn't get them. Wasted about 6 Phoenix Downs on them.

DLC too easy* Yomi is harder, much harder..in fact idk how the heck to beat him -.-, but i own lightning <<...and now i own her litterally =D but seriously...if you have updated equipment and beat the game they should be simple, idk about omega yet, it's not out yet here.  Also on a side-note, is Amodar even collectible?

yeah the dlc was to easy its all about buffing yourself and debuffing them and having weapons with a 50% ATB refresh rate and a chain bonus lvl 5 makes it beating them a piece of cake

now getting them to be able to jion your party is a different matter

For those who have beaten Light and Amodar, do you get to fight other FF characters (Cloud, Squall, etc)?

I read a while back that you can fight foes from previous Final Fantasy games...


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