Dlc Skins not working online

I have purchased the season pass for arkham origins and have downloaded the skin packs. They work for the singleplayer but I cannot get them to work online. Anyone know why this is happening or how to get them to work?


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don't have them myself but the other unlockable suits are past the ones you unlock my levelling up so try scrolling down

I do have the New 52, the Noel and the one million skins because of unlocking them but the other ones do not appear. I have re-downloaded my season pass and the 2 skin packs multiple times but they do not show up in the multiplayer game.

did a quick google search and a few people are having the same problem but no one seems to no why sorry I can't help

Having the exact same issue with my new skins not being available online. It's pissing me off...