DLC Release time(In general)?

Just a quick question and theory I wanted to test. As we know DLC comes out daily or weekly in the Xbox Live Marketplace. My question is this, is there a set time that the DLC is released as with games. For example, does DLC have a midnight release as retail games. My reason behind this is to test a theory I had for the Gears of War 3 Horde Command Pack I plan on playing tonight after midnight if its released at that particular time. Including if the time is midnight, by what timezone does Microsoft work by. Any input is appreciative. Also refrain from posting responses that is irrelevant to the topic.


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It can honestly vary at times. I've seen content released on the Marketplace as late as noon that day, it all depends. But usually, in a ideal situation, they tend to update the Marketplace around 2AM PST.

Thanks Elite, I appreciate the answer. Looks like I won't be able to wait till 4am CST, so I'll wait till tomorrow. Thanks again for the answer.

If this info is true the DLC got delayed :


i really hope the delay reason be to fix the splitscreen  glitch .