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Hi, I was looking through the DLC for Fable 2 and i saw that "See the future" and "Knothole Island" have both free and premium. What is the difference?


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I'm not sure what the difference is, I started playing with the GOTY and I was surprised the DLC was included in the disc itself and it wasn't a redeem code. What I GUESS it might be is when you have the GOTY edition, the free versions will be available for you to use, but like I said, it's only a guess

With the free one's you do not get to play the dlc (You cannot earn achievement's) but it let's you play with people who have the premium dlc.

If you want to earn the achievement's and play both of the dlc bye yourself you have to buy the premium dlc or have the GOTY edition.

Of course i do. So why the hell even put the free one on there DLC should be free now anyway.

The free one is on there so that you can play with others who have the DLC. So if you don't want the DLC, but still want to be able to play with all possible players in co-op mode this enabled that feature.

The premium version is specifically there for users who want to journey to those places on their own, and earn the achievements.

As regards DLC should be free. I suppose you would also think premium parts for older cars should be free as well right?

Other than what everyone else has said the free versions of both do one other thing, if you get them and go talk to the NPCs which will be located on the river under the bridge in Bowerstone then they will each give you a unique item.

I believe with "See the Future" you would talk to the NPC "Murgo the Trader" and he gives you a Jester tattoo and i believe a pair of steam-punk esque shades.

With "Knothole Island" the NPC is parallel to Murgo and should sound slightly familiar if you played Fable I, and he gives you a pair of Plate boots and a Roman style helmet.

the free ones u can't get achievements it just lets you play co-op but you can't really do anything ull show up as a ghost :\ the premium gets u the achievements and stuff

If you buy the PlatinumHits Fable 2, it has the dlc's Knothole Island and See the Future (Snowglobe free from Murgo). I bought a used copy and it worked fine. I got it from ebay for around $15.00.

If you get the Free ones. You can get Backflip & Hat, Headband, Moustache. Really all you need is the See the Future DLC