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I am about 2/3 of the way through the game and really enjoying it.  I just looked up the DLC, since I am planning on picking it up after completion.  However from the game marketplace on my 360, episode 13 is posted twice.  With 2 different price points ( I think it was 320 and 560).  The descriptions are identical.  Can anybody tell me what the difference is before I complete the game and get ready to purchase?


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The more expensive one includes the Templar Tombs add-on.  

What AlphaMandalore posted is the truth. The 320 version does not include the Templar Lairs (There are three of them) and the 560 does include them.

I bought the DLC for Sequence 12 and 13 w/Templar Lairs.

Thanks guys!

So what are the Templar Liars/Tombs?  Are they just 3 more seals to get?

Buy the more expensive version of DNA Sequence 13 - Bonfire of the Vanities + Secet Locations to unlock three hiden Templar Lairs throughout the game.