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y isnt the tlad dlc compatible with the episodes from liberty city disc?????? please someone tell me


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because no one plays tlad anymore. the samething happened to tbogt but they fixed it bc more people play it

well theres ppl on tlad every time i get on it and i never had that problem out of tbogt so i dont know wat ur talking bout

when did they fix this tried 4 days ago to play tlad using my dlc and my brother using the episodes of liberty city disc

Only TBOGT is compatible.  TLAD is not.

It has always been like this.

thats stupid tlad should be compatible also

well duh i know its not ....but apparently u cant understand questions becuz the question was WHY IS IT NOT COMPATIBLE

The reason is that when they done TLAD they never updated the map. On the Disk version the map is updated to the TBOGT version of the map. so you get Masonite 9 and all that around the town. hope it helped :-)