DLC Question. Can someone help me please?

Ok, since all the DLC is on sale this week I was looking to buy them and then I noticed a big difference when purchasing the DLC seperately and the 3-game mode pack...


Seperately, the packs are: 104.48 MBs(Survivors Game Mode), 111.90 MBs(Onslaught Game Mode) and 132.61 MBs(Predator Game Mode) ALL these packs together equal 348.99 MBs

BUT you can buy the Additional 3-Mode Pack it's 213.56 MBs and it says it includes all 3 game modes: Survivors, Onslaught and Predator.


My question is:

Why is there a 135.43 MBs difference between buying all the packs seperately and buying the Additional 3-Mode Pack? Is there something missing when you buy the Additional 3-Mode Pack? If there is, then can someone tell me what it is?


Any response would be appreciated. Thank you guys.


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Why Do you Care? Just Buy the Pack to have all 3 for Cheaper. Money is power! So keep your money....

I care because if the ones with more MBs have more things like costumes, guns or characters then I'd rather pay the $1 extra and get all that instead of buying them in a pack without that stuff.

There is no difference if you buy them separately or not they all have the same content. This was also the same with the Resident evil 5 DLC there was the separate packs and the bundle that had them all together and was cheaper as well as a smaller file. Perhaps since it all together they were able to compress the files but either way you get the same content which ever way you decide to buy them. Hope this helps.