DLC Problems, Pt 2

   Ok, so back around the middle of February, I posted about an odd problem I was having with system link games: namely, on Console B (I have two, so for reference sake will call them A & B!) every time I try to pick the map on Console A (cause that is the console for the link setup) every DLC map is unavailible on Console B.  On Console A I get a message "player failed to load content".  Each map name has a yellow star to the right of it on Console B.  Now that both consoles have returned from the shop, I still am having this problem.  Both consoles have the Anniversary, Defiant and Noble map packs on them.  None show any sign of corruption and I have tried to redownload them on Console B but that has had not effect...I still get the same results.  But I am going to do it again anyway.

   Another thing I noticed just for curosity's sake: if a profile on either console is not connected to Live, then the DLC maps are not availble in either system link or custom games.  I had never saw this until just this morning.  I had to unplug Console A from the router for a minute and forgot I had!  I sat down to set up a custom game for play with my son later today when I noticed that none of the DLC maps were availible.  Everytime I clicked on one I got a message like "You have to have a Xbox-Live enabled profile" or something like that.  Well, I remembered that I had unplugged the console so I got up and plugged it and and signed in and...poof!  Suddenly the maps were usuable!  When did this start?




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so both consoles have downloaded the DLC and have the original license ? Correct ? Im really not sure i can be of much help but i found this page with some information that may be able to help you out some atechwiz.hubpages.com/.../XboxDLC

Must be a tough one...

No ideas anyone?