DLC not working.

Whats up everyone, I just downloaded Harley's Revenge DLC and Robin dlc, but they are not showing up anywhere in the game and I have no idea how to start them up. I have no idea whats going on. If anyone has had this problem please help me out.


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Have you tried deleting the DLC and re-downloading it?  If it worked, you'll see Robin as a 'Character Select' in The Riddler's Revenge, or a Harley Quinn Icon in the 'Main Menu', a couple spaces to the right of the 'New Game Plus' Icon...:-)

Dude, such a simple fix! I almost panicked. Usually when I download DLC they always show up right after I get them. So I kinda lost the loop alittle even after I googled the problem and read as much as I could. Thanks a million.

I have deleted and re-downloaded Arkham skins pack and it continues to not show up anwhere... Not regular story, not story plus, and not challenge modes... So iunno wtf is up with the DLC.. both my robin and Harley's revenge are the same way

The only other thing that I'd give a try would be to take the extra step of deleting the game itself from your hard drive and reinstalling it before redownloading all of your DLC, the screen will prompt you asking if you want to delete your saved games as well so you can still choose to keep them intact, good luck...:-)