DLC Maps... why still segregated?

The DLC maps have been here for quite a while now... why haven't they been set into the primary rotation? I hate going to their playlist just to play a few maps:(


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I would imagine that they will at some point! - they added Freefall to normal rotation (unfortunately)

  Last I heard, they wont be put in rotation until the next dlc comes out. S*cks if you ask me. I wont buy the dlc right away next time because of it, and many share my feelings ...... which means next dlc numbers will be low, so they will probably wait again.

    I think the whole xbone/360 thing has fragmented matchmaking too much.

I don't have the DLC but it really does blow my mind that the maps aren't in regular rotation yet. They used to be added within like the first week or so. I also heard that they wouldn't be added until the next batch of DLC. I'm kind of glad I haven't pulled the trigger on getting the season pass yet.

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I have been wondering the same thing.

They are milking this a bit to long, while they realize OPs2 is the money maker still. OPs2 is still in the top 3 of best selling games on xbox demand - once a new game release fad is over] its always back on top when the wave of a new game drop is over.


Xbox one dropped, 360 prices drop, millions of new 360 owners go online, OPs2 sales go up.......

And April 3rd the new DLC drops,  they wait tll like 80-90% of people are at their wits end then gift out.

I too will not be getting the next DLC due to this mis step on their part.

Maybe because IW knows that players would get eventually get frustrated? "I want to play on Containment, but I can't because I keep getting matched up with people who don't have the DLC. IW please fix this!" This was avoided, so that's why DLC is segregated. Makes sense.