DLC loading error

So i've just come back to this game after downloading Honest Hearts, and its stuck on the "Loading downloadable content. Please wait." screen.


If I delete HH from the hard drive the game seems to work fine.  I have tried all the usual stuff, clearing the cache, deleting all previous content and re-downloading every thing, re-installing the game, playing with and without it installed, no luck.


If I refuse the update I get the this game requires content no longer available error instead.  Any sensible suggestions would be most welcome.




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i am having this problem too...  apparently it only happens when you have more than 4 dlcs in your memory storage device at one time...  so you can either what for a patch that is in the works before the next dlc is supposed to come out, or you can delete one of your previous dlcs and run honest hearts...  but doing this runs a high risk of your game corrupting and losing everything isnt fun (just ask me, it sucks monkey balls)...  or you can delete the update and run the same risk...  honestly i would suggest leaving everything alone and just download honest hearts after the update comes out...  i am a level 8 on my new character and this is the last time i start over....    SOLKRAN