DLC in memory failing to appear in game!

So, I recently started up a new character in oblivion and noticed that only the wizard's tower and the pirate's den were popping up in my quest list at the start. Even after playing the character to level 27, no pop ups. The area for the fighter's castle, the vile lair, just like a person who hadn't bought the DLC. I still have all four, along with the spell tomes DLC listed in my memory. Oh, and spell tomes haven't shown up either. Any clues or help that could be provided would be appreciated.



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are they still appearing on the map?

also are you connected to the xbox live when you play?

I have a similar problem but i know the cause.

My purchases were made on another xbox console, and so the expansions do not work unless i play whilst connected to xbox live. This may be the same situation with you. To get around it you need to transfer your purchases. Search it on the xbox website search bar and you'll find out how to do it.

Thanks for the assistance, guys. I tried to do lisence transfer, but it was indicated that I already had all the lisences on my xbox. It must have been a bug, since, when I connected to xbox live, it did a patch on the game. With the patch, all of my content is now availible off line.

Oh cool, glad to hear it worked out for you!