DLC - Horde/Beast Achievements.

Hi there.

I'm seriously considering going for the full 2K on GoW3. Only have around 1100 right now so I've got a lot of achievement **** to do. From now onwards, I'm going to be aiming to get a lot of the DLC achievements on Fenix/Forces and even some of RSP2, but for a lot of them I need likeminded teammates. You may have some that I don't have, and I may have some which you don't have. We can help each other out and if you have a mic, we can have some good banter along the way.

If you're interested in joining me, feel free to add my gamertag. I'm on medical leave from work right now so I can play whenever I wish really. Mic preferrable but not essential. Hit me up! :)





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Edit:   Also going on a collectable/cogtag run. So anyone is free to join me on that.

Ill add you i have mostly beast and horde achievements. Sadly the most i can get is 1950 cuz we few we happy few is locked.

If anyone still needs Horde / Beast achievements, hit me up!

Force Multiplier, Horde Natural, and go through Beast on Insane without failing.

I'll help anyone out for any of them.Eastern timezone,have them myself but,love the modes.Need mics,not doing 50 waves without a little team work.

Yeah, I need to run through it in one go for the long hauler ribbon.

Add me,I need a couple of achievements/ribbons also