DLC hopes and dreams?

What would you like to see in future DLC's for Skyrim?


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  1. Add-on that allows you to buy smithing equipment for your home (even if it is only for certain homes).
  2. Add-on that adds more races/archetypes for you to marry (how about some vampires, khajit, and bosmers)
  3. Add-on for crafting weapons out of Dragon Scale or Bone, or even an add-on that allows you to temper an existing weapon with the materials for added effects.
  4. Add-on with a questline involving the Vigilants of Stendarr (these guys are everywhere and they contribute nothing, they even have a mountain stronghold and all they do is sit and stare at the fire).
  5. Add-on for a vampire\werewolf subquest set like in Morrowind (ie a guild or faction you can join ONLY if you are a werewolf or vampire)
  6. Add-on that brings in some more unique weapons\armor or daedric artifacts (where is Dusk\Dawnfang, what about Umbra, etc.)
  7. Add-on with the "Recall" spell.
  8. Add-on that lets you transform into a Dragon as a unique power (once per\week cooldown).

I'll get behind a Mark/Recall! I miss those more than Chameleon or Levitate. I was missing water walk until I discovered there aren't so many slaughter fish.

How about being able to buy extra display or storage for your house?

The Vigilants seem made for a Knights of the Nine type quest.

I got a lot out of having Frostcrag Spire in Oblivion so maybe a special house with all the mod cons?

A Shivering Isles-sized trip to Morrowind. I know the Red Mountain errupted and it's not in the same condition I fondly remember it in, but even a visit in a ruined condition would be interesting. And I agree, seeing 'Mark/Recall', as well as spears and levitation would be cool.

join/fight the thalmor.

I agree with the visit Morrowind. It would be similar to visiting the Pitt or Point Lookout in Fallout 3 in a way but more massive. Everything in ruins, everything in chaos.

The capital city of Morrowind, Vivec City, is supposedly just a smoldering crater.  The meteor that Vivec was holding at bay finally smashed into the city.  Wouldn't be much to see, but might be cool to pick through the remains...lol

This tale was told over the course of two novels, right? I've put them both on my 'to read' list, but where does this fall in the timeline? Some time just after the Oblivion crisis, correct?

On a second note, did anyone else have visions of time travel flash through their head regarding that one main quest mission? What if an Elder Scroll could be used in such a fashion?

Horse armour!


Nah, but seriously though, I'd like to see something on the scale of the Shivering Isles. If not that then maybe lots of smaller sets of DLC like Point Lookout and The Pitt for Fallout 3. Plus new and unique weapons\armour (in both looks and stats).


Perhaps something to do with the Aldmeri Dominion and thier Thalmor. There may be peace now but I get the feeling it won't last. Be cool to see the Empire clash with the Dominion with lots of epic battles and missions.


Oh, and the ability to craft my own arrows.

From the top of my head:

The Gameplay/Quest Pack - 1200MSP

  • Three New Skills
    • The Warrior - Throwing Weapons
    • The Mage - Shape-Shifting
    • The Theif - Traps
  • Horseback Combat
  • Arrow Crafting
  • New Weapons
    • Throwing Spears
    • Throwing Knives
    • Throwing Axes
    • Flails - Falls under maces
    • Crossbows
    • Unique Flail concerning a Daedric Quest
  • New Armor
    • Unique Gladiator Armor - concerns a treasure-hunting quest
    • New Dark Brotherhood Armor
The Faction Pack - 1600MSP
  • 5-6 Quests for recruiting new members of the Dark Brotherhood
  • 3 Quests to restore Helgen to former status
  • 10 Quests for a new guild - Return of the Arena
  • 5 Quests for building a smuggling network across Tamriel for the Thieves Guild
  • 6 Quests concerning a magic artifact in Oblivion for The College of Winterhold

I have this hard on for pirates, so I hope there is some sort of pirate'ish features. *semi spoiler* there is a side quest where you help some argonians crash and loot an imperial ship, and they try to stab you in the back and I though that was pretty ballin. So crossing my fingers for some pirates. :)

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