DLC have an impact from ME2?

Does the DLC from ME2 have any impact? Just a simple yes and no for which ones please, thanks.


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Yes. Arrival and LOTSB give you some different dialogue options, IIRC. Nothing too major though. 

Not really. The only impact is that the DLC from 2 will be spoiled for you if you play ME3 having never played the ME2 DLC.

You really should play Lair of the Shadow Broker. This will explain a lot in ME3. Personally, I enjoyed this one.

Arrival is helpful and a decent play, but not necessary. It kind of sets the stage for ME3. Play this one last before you import your character over.

The others, not so much.

Simply put, they all will have an effect, but the aforementioned have the greatest impact.

Agreed with everyone.. Lair of the Shadowbroker and Arriaval. Rest can be skipped.

Lair of the Shadowbroker and Arrival have a direct impact on ME3. Overlord does have some effect during a early mission, even DLC from the first ME has some consequences. To get the most out of ME3, I recommend playing ALL the DLC for ME and ME2... but that's just me.

I have a question that has been bothering me for awhile and this seems to be the place to ask... it contains very mild (if you'd even call it a spoiler) ME 2 LOTSB spoilers, so if you haven't played that and still plan to then you might not want to hi-lite below:

OK, I played the LOTSB DLC for all of my character saves in ME 2.  The thing is, I've had a couple of conversations with Liara on the Normandy where she says that she "hired a group of mercs" to take over the shadow broker's base... Why would she say that if Shep was the one who helped take it over? Is there something I'm missing?

LOTSB & Arrival are important to the overall story, but you don't have to play them to have them impact ME3. Not playing them simply has their endings spoiled for you if you play ME3 before you play those DLCs.


Like I've said in other threads, nothing you did in the first 2 games matters any way: if you had the option to choose A or B in ME1 and you chose A, but the devs thought B was better, B ultimately happens in ME3. The only difference I've noticed in my 2 opposite ME3 playthroughs (renegade & paragon) is different dialogue options and different NPCs live/die. As far as I can tell, this whole carve your own path crap I bought into for 5 years was a total lie...