DLC ends April 2nd

No more DLC after April 2nd. 5 years of weekly updates is a solid run. 



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What are they working on then if not new DLC?

Can't say I didn't see this coming. Fortunately, RBN for the 360 will keep putting out great releases. I can't wait to see what Harmonix has planned for future projects, and the last few weeks of "official" music store dlc. You never know, they might try to please everyone if they're trying to end on a high note.

I know that many are saddened by this news, but I see this as a "blessing in disguise", resources need to be directed towards new endeavours and they've heavily fortified the 'RockBand 3' library to keep most players busy for quite some time.  It's time to look ahead to the future and with the NextGen technologies about to be unveiled, I predict a resurgence in "Plastic Rock" down the line here somewhere...:-)

Harmonix has yet to let me down, honestly. I'll stick around and see what happens.

They havent put out a game in almost what, 2 years? You really cant expect them to keep supporting a game with $2 song sales. At some point they need to put out a new disc with 20 songs on it for $60 to p[ay for that overhead and ability to push small $ DLC for a yr or so. I appreciate all they have done and thier continued support up till now has been great. think about it, how long is any COD game supported? 8 months? EA takes thier games online capabilities away after a yr and a half most of the time never-mind completely abandoning support after 6 months.


Now a days its accepted by the community for game companies to put out low quality games for full price while we wait for patches and updates that rarely ever come. Not to mention DLC for things that were once included in games.


Its the communities fault really. We alolow these devs and studios to take advantage of us so what do we expect?

R.I.P.  rock band dlc.  I do think they are shifting focus to Xbox 720.  However I wander if our music library will be shifted to a new console if and when a new game and peripherals come out?

I've been begging for "American Pie" for the longest time and it's the last song being released.


love u harmonix