DLC doesnt show up.

My beta unlocks never showed up so I had to call xbox and they gave me the download codes, additionally I have the limited edition so I have adam fenix, also got the griffin code from facebook and have the commando dom code. These did show up until about 3 days ago. None of these show up now, I have redownloaded all of these, these show up in my memory but they dont show up in the game. what is goin on.


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i have the same problem, f*cking Epic

same problem with me, i just purchased the horde command pack as well it doesnt show

anything we can do about this problem?

Follow these steps to fix your issue, I had the same problem. The DLC was on the hard drive but not recognized by the game.

1 - delete all of your GOW3 DLC

2 - clear your hard drive cache under memory

3 - delete your profile ONLY

4 - recover your gamertag

5 - do not load up your GOW3 game yet

6 - go to download history and select "download again" to all of your GOW3 DLC

7 - THEN load your GOW3 game and it should be there

I had downloaded the Season Pass for all of my Xboxes but it didn't work on one of them. So I followed this process and then put the game in. It then prompted me to download the Horde Pack and I was back in business. But until I followed this process it didn't recognize that I had GOW3 DLC on my hard drive.

This process also works for other games too, not just GOW3. It's not an Epic thing, it's a Microsoft Xbox 360 thing. Let me know if you hit a snag I'd be more than happy to help!

i have the same with the Season Pass i bought it and the skins & the characters & the map didn't showed upppp whar can i doo?