DLC character voice on youtube ? minor spoilers

Has anyone seen this.  I hope this is fake because that's sounds just awful.  I don't know how to copy and paste on the forums for some reason it won't let me.  But search Mass Effect 3 the prothean speaks and you should get it.  What do you think. Real or Fake ?


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I think this is what you mean OP [View:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixk9ORP-U28&feature=related]

Anyway I agree, I don't like the sound of him either...

All though he has a great voice, it doesn't suit this particular character, sounds alot like that thing in Half Life 2, Vortiguants or whatever they're called, the one who always refers to Gordon as "The Free Man", Vigil used a voice that wasn't his so that Shepard could understand him, this Prothean may have come across this voice on the 'Galactic News' and decided that it would be the one to communicate with Shepard, this could very well be a fake, but the actor's voice sounds too polished...:-)

I think there was a reason he didn't post it but yes that is it. The movie Zulu comes to mind.

This is a longer version of the one I seen.  The parts where he is just talking sound pretty good.  But the one's in combat sound too Rastafarian to me.  Just not what I expected from a Prothean ?

I've been rewatching Lost on Netflix, so all I hear is Mr. Eko. I actually think it sounds pretty cool. Dialogue is difficult to appreciate out of context, though.

^ True.