DLC: Buy now or wait?

So I just got this game a couple days ago and I'm really enjoying it so far. I've noticed that I can get all the game's DLC (Minus the free one) for 1.6k MSP so I'm thinking I'm gonna go ahead and do it, but the thing is I'm not sure if this is one of those games where if you play the DLC before finishing the base game the story is ruined for you. So really all I'm asking is if it's best to wait or not?


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it will be better to play the undead story after the main one, but it will not ruin the story for you. \

Depends upon if you play online or not. With the DLC package you can do alot more in the multiplayer. The Addon is completly diffrent than the original story.

you can finish the main single player story then get the all the dlc or just get all of the dlc.

if your achievements don't work after downloading the dlc just clear the system cache and have the patch download again, this happened to me and was fixed doing this.

I would say hold off buying the DLC and play the main story and maybe the DLC will go on sale. That's what happened to me only I bought the DLC right away and failed to capitalized.

Well, you can actually buy the Undead collection pack for 1600 MS which is cheaper than buying all it has in it one at a time. If you plan on playing online I would get the undead collection plus the free content  and that's it. Don't waste your money buying the horse, because its single player only. Not working .99 unless you plan to play and finish the single player.