DLC Batman Skins

Apparently, Rocksteady has confirmed to some type of European videogame magazine/website that the DLC skins that are pre-order bonuses will eventually be released as regular DLC for everybody. Of course, the rest of us will probably have to pay for them in some kind of "skins pack" on Xbox Live & PSN. Hopefully the everyone they mean is an international audience.




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Any DLC for this game is always welcome, but what's on the table for the main game is blissful enough as it is...:-)

Not only the skins, but also the challenge maps (i.e. Joker Carnival, Iceberg Lounge, Black Mask Hideout). The only skin I want is the Earth One skin, but I'll eventually end up getting them all. ;D

A couple of extra Catwoman skins would be cool.  A Vintage (Purple) would be cool, and even better, have a Batgirl skin for her as well...:-)

Lol! NO BATGIRL, ARKHAM! Hahah. A few people on the arkham city forums were saying how a pink suit for batman/catwoman would be great for *** cancer research. ;D

A new skin has been announced: The Year One skin. Available as a pre-order bonus from French retailer FNAC. This is the sixth skin to be announced, along with earth one, batman beyond, the dark knight returns, 1970's batman and batman animated series skin.


It's also been confirmed that all pre-order skin bonuses will be available at a later date as DLC...:-)

I hope we also get an Adam west skin and skins from all the movies just to complete the whole collection. (They can ignore  the ones that include Bat-Nipples though)