DLC available to other profiles on same XBOX?

Does anyone know if when you purchase DLC, if anyone using your xbox (other profiles) can use the DLC or if it is exclusive to the profile who downloaded it? I'm asking this because I wanted to buy the Gears of War 3 controller that comes with the infected omen weapon skins but my wife Plays Gears with me on our xbox so I was wondering if she'd be able to use those weapon skins or if they are only usable by my profile since I entered the code with my gamer tag. Thanks.


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The only time that ive had dlc not work for another user was the gold lancer. Ive got 2 x boxs and ererything else has always worked between different accounts and both boxs.

You'll probably have to wait and see. Most DLC like map packs can be played by anyone on the same console. But I did have one game (I can't remember which) that the dlc was only available to my gamertag. But I would bet that you would be able to share them.