DLC and living dead

I am about to buy the DLC but I don't know which to buy, or if I should get both (are they 800 or 1200 MP?). I like team swat and living dead the best, so it gets old playing the same map 10 times in a row. My question is which would you suggest for those two so I dont have to play swordbase over and over? Also I was wondering why there is no booting option in living dead. I cant stand it when I am doing really well and my teammate just shoots me and I die. I got betrayed 6 times in one match and Im starting to get annoyed.



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the DLC are 800 mp.... I play mostly swat and the DLC's do not pop up in fact I have NEVER had a deifient map pack one pop up.... I have played on anchor 9 some though but it is rare to find the DLC's in swat you would most likely have to go to the DLC playlist and to play there you have to buy both.. So I would buy both but they dont pop up much unless you play the DLC playlist

Yeah shes right. The new maps will almost never pop up regardless of playlist. Logically, you would choose the Defiant for 2 reasons. 1 being it has its own multiplayer playlist with periodic jackpots aka msp's well spent. And reason 2, if you have the defiant and you enter Score attack the first vote screen will ALWAYS have Unearthed as an option. I prefer the Noble Map pack, its better, but damn near impossible to get it in matchmaking now.