DLC 06/28 - Poison, 3 Doors Down

Hey gang!

Next week we'll be adding two 3 packs to the RB library, including the long overdue addition of Poison, which should hopefully flesh out the hair band options a bit for the longtime faithful on the forums.

Poison will make their Rock Band debut next week with a three pack of hits – “Nothin’ but a Good Time” from 1988’s Open Up and Say … Ahh!, “Unskinny Bop” from 1990’s Flesh & Blood and “Talk Dirty To Me” from their debut album, Look What the Cat Dragged In.

Rockers 3 Doors Down are adding to their Rock Band catalog with a three pack of songs next week that will include “Here Without You”, “When I’m Gone” and “When You’re Young”, the first single from their new album Time of My Life, which will be released July 19, 2011.

Each band will also have one Pro Guitar upgrade available. Enjoy!

Available on Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation®3 system (June 28):

• 3 Doors Down – “Here Without You”
• 3 Doors Down – “When I’m Gone” X
• 3 Doors Down – “When You’re Young”
• Poison – “Nothin’ but a Good Time” X
• Poison – “Talk Dirty To Me”
Poison – “Unskinny Bop”

(These tracks will be available in Europe on PlayStation®3 system June 29)

These tracks will be available for purchase as “Poison Pack 01”, “3 Doors Down Pack 01” and as individual tracks on Xbox 360, PlayStation®3 system and Wii. Tracks marked with “X” will include Pro Guitar and Pro Bass expansions for $0.99 per song.


$1.99 USD, £.99 UK, €1.49 EU (160 Microsoft Points) per song
$2.00 USD (200 Wii Points™) per song
$0.99 USD (100 Wii Points/80 Microsoft Points), £0.59 UK, €0.79 EU per song for eligible Pro Guitar/Pro Bass upgrade
$5.49, £2.49 UK, €3.99 EU (440 Microsoft Points, 550 Wii Points) for 3 Doors Down Pack 01

$5.49, £2.49 UK, €3.99 EU (440 Microsoft Points, 550 Wii Points) for Poison Pack 01

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Um, I called the Poison songs (I threw in Every Rose Has its Thorn as well, so I guess I was 3/4 lulz.


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Cheers for the update

Poison is a yes, no thanks on 3 doors down.

3 doors down is a yes, no thanks on Poison (blame Guitar Hero)

I don't like Poison or 3 Doors Down but i like the 2 3 packs a week thing they've been doing. Theres bound to be something i like eventually right? RIGHT!?

3DD is great, this is one of very little rock band from 90's that i still listen to. And for those who love them, pls come here for 3 Doors Down Lyrics