dizzy egg makes a return

back in the late 80's early 90's my childhood was pretty much hijacked by a certain codemasters series involving a certain egg with boxing gloves for hands.

i am now in my thirties and it looks like it may happen all over again http://www.xbox360achievements.org/news/news-10169-Eggtastic-Dizzy-Comeback-Teased-by-Codies.html

a new site will be going up soon Eggcitingnews.com

 so any one who remembers the series i would like to hear your thoughts are they going to stick to the old formula of side scrolling adventures or going 3D.

are you looking forward to it or worried they are going to destroy your childhood memories




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anyone who remembers these games and is interested in revisiting them. There is a site with legal to download versions of all the original games plus a vast amount of fan made games.

I have been checking in to this site every now and then for a number of years now and some of the fan made ones are amazing especially  knightmare dizzy  which is based on the  childrens itv show from the early 90's. The remakes of the originals have been done really well

check them out on


I heard of it before  But never played it. unless i forgot I did. It was a long time.

I never played these games and I doubt I'd like them but the site in my sig has eight versions of it and you don't need to download roms. I'd link it directly but this forum software is garbage and it comes out all messed up. Just go to Retrouprising.com and type Dizzy into the search bar on the upper right.

you would only be able to play the originals on your site you would be missing out on some really well made games that have been made by the fans of the gamesand even the re-makes of the original games on the site i linked are in most cases even better quality than the originals and you dont need to bother with emulators or roms either its as simple as just installing like you would do with anything else a couple of button clicks

thanks for mentioning  that site tthough because there are a few other games i remember that i would  like to check out might see if they are on there

Fan made is alright but from my experience they kinda suck unless you're a die hard fan of the series. We have some fan made hacks on RU(tons of Mario ones of course) and to be honest I hate them all but it's really not my thing so I'm bias.


What are you installing on that site? RU just has a plugin like you'd use with Firefox.


RU has literally thousands of games I'm sure you'll find it if it exists. If not you can post in the game requests topic and one of the mods will try to add it.

after they stopped making the dizzy games years ago codiemasters allowed people to use the source code for the games to be used by anyone as long as they did not try to profit of it so this allowed fans of the games to make there own so not installing plugins that i know of

just instaling the actual game  but im no techie so could not confirm exactly what it is i just take 2 seconds to dowload the actual game then it installs like any other game

i know what you  made about fan made games usually being bad but they are usually just hacks  of normal games whereas instead these have been made using the actual source code  which has allowed for some people with good imaginations to come up with some good stuff just go on there and try one u will see what i mean there nothing like those poor hacks of the mario games you are talking about


sorruy about the wall of text can not get this site to work properly at all winds me up

That's really cool of them to allow people to use the source to make more games, you don't hear of that often.


Install the game to what? I'm just wondering where it plays, like if you need an emulator or some other program.


Yeah the games I was talking about are all just fan made hacks of the original games, totally different.

no emulator is required no other programs its exactly like you where installing any other pc game there all standalone games all made using the original source code and made by proper coders

they run a competition every year to see who can make the best dizzy game

off topic just been on your site to check it out had some fun relived some old memories played robocop (arcade version)

i remember that game being a lot easier i beat it one credit when i was a kid one 20 pence piece and its just taken me over 30 credits to beat it if i was still a kid that would have been my pocket money for the week gone in one go lol

wrestlefest as well aahhh good memories

just go on yolkfolk.com and you will see what i mean there is some very clever people on there who have used what codemasters gave them to the best effect they could some of those games are better than the originals

i understand that nearly 25 years later they dont look like much and are directed more at the younger crowd

but some are still stupidly hard trying to complete treasure island dizzy  when you only get one life and if you touch anything its instant death is one of the hardest challenges in gaming i have ever done in my life beat it once when i was young and am not brave enough to try that ever again

god damn wall of text comatibility view why have you forsaken me

I get it now just a game you download. I gotta say it's kinda strange how much people like Dizzy, that's a lot of effort for a dead series.


You might've had trouble because you're using a keyboard. Try plugging in a PC or 360 controller and see how it goes.


No offense but I'm not gonna be trying out those games. I never tried those games when they were popular and they don't appeal to me now. I'm impressed with the effort and dedication though. Do they work on any other games?


Btw if you put a period between lines like I do you'll be able to space it out. The forum is a broken mess so normal stuff like paragraphs is apparently asking for too much.