Divinity 2 DKS jacksons diary?

I can't seem to find Jackson's diary.  Ive been searching all around his cellar for it, but I just can't find it!  I need it to do the skeletons in the closet quest, but all I can find is the book "all but illegible scribbles".  If anyone can give me a precise location or way to start this quest it would be greatly appreciated.  Also if anyone knows where the four scroll pieces are that would be nice too.




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You probably already have it ,its a useable item you need to "use" before you are given credit for having it.Great game BTW one of my fav's ( and the first one )

That was my main dislike about the game, some quests were just too ambiguous.  It was sometimes not very clear in which area something was located.  Whether it be quest or an item or two.


other than that, i thought it was a great game and gets a lot better once you get your dragon form.


People moan about the cheesy story, but with games like divinity, the story is secondary as not every dev has millions to pump into every area of the game.  luckily the game more than makes up for it in other areas.

Oh I found it! I was looking in Jacksons dungeon, I didn't see the cellar door was in his house... Yeah I agree, it is a great game.  I am loving it, I don't mind the story, the quests keep me pretty well entertained.

Have you come across the big bunny yet?  Laughed so hard when it first appeared as it was the last thing i was expecting.

No not yet, I heard that it was there but I don't know where it is.  Also I think Ive only killed about 10 bunnys so far.  I do have a question though, how many "boss" fights are there?  I liked the first two, the ghost and then marius... I think thats his name.  Also is there a level cap, because it says you start at 35 for Flames of Vengeance, or can use a pre-existing character?

I can't remember how many actual boss fights there are, but there are a few floating fortresses  that you can enter once you get further into the game and each one has one of Damian's commanders at the end that can be quite tough.  Can't really remember the level cap, but i do know i never reached it and i was quite thorough with my exploring.  

Ok thanks.  I just started so I have a couple questions.  One, how or what are the minerals like iron, diamonds, and other stuff used for?  And how do I get out of the lovis tower?  I went up and am currently stuck in the room with the skeleton who doesn't want to die... I pulled the levers but don't know what to do now.

The lever room - you have to pull a lever that is blocked by fire and is hidden slightly (or it could be the poison one).  Iirc minerals are simply vendor junk.

I'm probably not the best person to ask as it was ages ago since i last played it.  I do remember being stuck in the same room and eventually found the lever i needed and i do remember it being hidden.

So... I should just sell all the minerals? Is it in a room that is completely on fire?  I jumped in there but jumped out and didn't look around.