Divinity 2 DKS ending

How did you finish the Ego Draconis?  I just started flames of vengeance and once I finish plan on starting a second playthrough.  My question is what did you do for the last boss battle?  I ended up dying about 5 times in the first few seconds.  Than I summoned my ghost and by luck, got it to stay.  I used magic missles and firewall, but are there any strategies for this fight?  This is definitly one of the harder ones in the game. 




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I still havent beaten it yet, it is a very good game though and I think its one every person who enjoys rpgs just have.The game can get tough thats for sure but I know they tweaked the game a bit so you level slightly faster giving you a slight edge.

Haven't beaten it either, they keep slaughtering me (Ranger, level 45). Had to lower the difficulty to get past the last dragon-part, that was insane!

Spam arrow blast  jump and jump LOL.

lol yeah I kept loading the autosave and every time I started I would jump constantly until I could get away.