Disneys Pirates of the Caribbean Online for Xbox 360



I have played pirates of the caribbean online by disney and i suggested that they should make a console version. in other words a multiplayer verison of the one they

have already made for 360. being able to sail the seas instead of hoping into a land vechicle such as an Elephant in Halo 3 or Vechicles in GTA IV but instead into a Gallieon

Have a crew etc.


Do you reckon they could make one? or Rockstar makes a Pritates GTA =)? What do you think?



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I don't think that Xbox Live will ever have an MMO, sorry...


And I don't think that Rockstar would be interested in pirates, sorry for that too...

Makes me think of Zelda

I just want more Pirate themed games.

I wish that one Pirates of the Caribbean game wasn't cancelled. It looks incredibly awesome, especially the ship battles.

ye more pirate games needed specailly free roam around sea plundering that would be gd :)