Disney Infinity 3.0

Background: I keep my Xbox in the living room where I have more room to use it with the Kinect.  But I do most of my gaming on my PC in another room across the house including via the Xbox App In-Home Streaming.  I'm also a twitch streamer so this whole process of in-home streaming allows me to also setup a proper broadcast to the internet without needing to buy another expensive piece of hardware.  I've noticed that my Blue Snowball desktop microphone can be used as a microphone for the xbox to communicate with a party, that is AMAZING!  Makes me wonder what other devices can I connect to my PC that can be used with my Xbox games....

Request:  Now I haven't attempted to try this yet, so it might already be possible.  Disney Infinity 3.0 has a USB pad thing you plug in to the Xbox to detect the figures that you play on it.  I'm wondering if its possible to get support for plugging that dang thing into my PC and have it still get detected by the Xbox App.  Has anyone tried and had this work for them?  If I can do this, then I could play the game anywhere I want to in the house.  

Not sure who would have to provide support to do this, xbox people to allow it to work or the disney people to program it to work.  So posting this wherever I can get a response.

Thanks in advance.


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