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The latest Gameinformer's cover article.  This seems to be something we have to keep our eyes on.  After reading it, I fully expect it to be unlike anything we've seen so far.



-You play as Corvo, an assassin in a quest for revenge, after a long false-imprisonment.  The game takes place in a crazy version of "17th century inspired" London.



-A first person RPG, "simulation" assassin game.  From the minds behind Deus Ex, DE Invisible War, and Thief: Deadly Shadows (all of which were unique and great imo).  My Impression is the game is a mix of Deus Ex, Thief, Assassins Creed, and a little Bioshock.  The pictures especially remind me of HL2, which is no coincidence.  Viktor Antonov, HL2's art director is the man behind City 17 look and feel. The stealthy assassination gameplay will be different for everyone.  Using different powers and tactics yields much different results.  "Players have both a timing-based parry and a dedicated block button for defense, and lightning-fast dagger strikes complemented by crossbows and other weapons on offense.  As in many stealth games, though, a stand-up fight is your last resort."  Your actions will have consequences.  "You'll be notified when your actions have raised or lowered the level of chaos."  There will be non-lethal ways to deal with things.  You can complete missions like a butcher, or a ghost.




-Powers:  Rat Swarm:  You can bring forth swarms of rats to attack foes, or posses them to flee from a battle.   A picture indicates you will be able to possess other animals such as dogs.  Bend Time + Possession:  You can say stop time as an enemy opens fire with a gun, possess him, and move him in front of his own fire and enjoy.  "All projectiles are fully physics modeled."  "Many powers have multiple upgrades to choose from, and you won't find nearly enough runes on a single playthrough to get everything."



-Gadgets Razor spring traps, sticky grenades, and different types of ammo like sleep darts.  "Thievery will allow you to improve your loadout with upgraded tools or passive buffs like increased carrying capacity."



-Charms:  Players can only find 12 or so charms out of the 40 per each playthrough, each being random.  These minor buffs give you things like a mana refill when you drink from a fountain, or a health boost from eating certain colored rats.



-"Enemies will enter from believable locations, such as a back door of a mansion."  They will not spawn randomly. 



-Taking your time and listening to the conversations going on around you can give you clues on side missions.  There will be plenty of random events you can intervene in, or skip all together.  "The levels are designed to encourage vertical experimentation; any surface at a 30-degree or shallower incline can be mantled onto, and chains and ropes can be climbed."  Exploration everywhere throughout the maps leads to goodies and side missions. 



-The Hound Pits pub is a hub between missions and a base for the local resistance organization.  Here you can upgrade powers and gadgets, get briefed on the state of the world, and receive new missions.



-The Outsider:  Is a supernatural being behind all of the game's magic.  It's part devil, and part angel.  The developers cite Lovecraft as an influence for it. 



-Some pictures that were also in the magazine, here.





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IDK....i find better contribute to the same thread instead of hijacking it or repeat it to make a new one IMO . All that info that was posted here was already on Crazy's thread. Except the pics.

not a surprise that wanna be lawyers agree with u; just for  disagree with me. LOL



[/quote]Not ALL of the info was there, and I'm not talking about the pics.  The other thread probably would have died anyway if I wouldn't have posted what I did.  Crazy wouldn't have posted the new link to the pictures in the other thread when he did, if I wouldn't have.  He basically clicked on my link, then copied it to his.  He couldn't even get the link to work the first time lol.  I pointed it out, then he fixed it.  At least my links work right the first time.



Not surprised you feel the way you do.  I've seen your posts.  Your name fits you well.  Others agree.





It is that complicated posting on an iPod Touch...

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It is that complicated posting on an iPod Touch...

[/quote]Fair enough.  I have difficulties posting things on my Droid X sometimes.  It often leads to mistakes.



I liked the part (GI article) where they was talking about the super jump that they wanted to cut it because seems that getting out of the map...really caught my attention too .

Another reason I created a new thread is because with all my posts, I will continue to update it through the progression of the game.  Some of the info will be new, and some will be old.  No matter how many times the same info is posted, it will be new to someone.  There are plenty of people who only occasionally surf the forums.  If only one person benefits from mostly redundant info mixed with a little new, then it's worth it.  That being said...

Images here.









This game also makes me think of Clockwork Orange.

Thookins, should check the first pages  more often . LOL

Nice dude. 



I'm very much liking the sound of the tone for the game.  Also how it sounds like you won't be able to take on dozens of enemies at a time, unlike some games.  Guess that relates to the "simulation" aspect of the game.  And adrenaline kills?  Sweet.  The customization sounds like it will be great for people's varying playing style.

LOL I just said because i posted a thread the LOTR delay info and you  made a thread about the same the same day.

Nice info. This thread should cancel out that other one. I look forward to future updates.

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