Dishonored (game by Zenimax)

I´ve read something about this new game on the Internet and I can´t find a forum for the game.

It is registered by Zenimax (they own Bethesda, ID Software, Arkane, etc.).

I suposse it was showed on last E3, but I have not seen any preview of the game.

What about a new forum for it?



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The developers themselves must request a forum for it being made.

I don't think there's much information at all about this game, it's way too early in production (I think).

by bethesda ?  i guess i need find info about it if is for consoles.

I've seen some blurry screenshots, but it was impossible to tell what I was looking at (can't seem to find a link, though).

Perhaps a sci-fi game?

I suppose it is not from ID Software because they are working on Rage and Doom and Tim Willits said that they can be on two projects at the same time while they think in a third one. Bethesda have resources for an Elder Scrolls and something more... and Arkane are working on a secret game, I bet for an Arx Fatalis. It can be anything, for the moment.

[quote user="Bad Instincts"][/quote]I Liked Dirty Instincts better.....