Disconnected Opponent, Last Game

Ok, here's the scenario.

I'm currently in the 5th league of the online head-to-head seasons, and I had 14 points when I started my last game, so it was a must win to get a promotion. So I go into the game and find myself up 3 - 0, and my opponent 'loses connection' immediately after my 3rd goal. So I get the message saying "The game will be reviewed and an outcome" etc.. etc.. However, since that was my last game, it just reset me into the 5th league again, like I lost the game or got a draw, even though the guy clearly disconnected. 

So now I have to go through all the 5th league games again since it's saying i've got 10 games left and my record is 0-0-0, acting like my last game never even happened. 

So how exactly is this game going to be reviewed?

I hate this system, what happened to just getting the win when the opponent quit on you?


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I had something just like this, I was in division 1 and I was safe and I needed 6 points to win the league. However I lost my first game meaning it wasnt possible to win the league. It didnt say that I had remained in division 1... instead it went to a new season with a defeat and said i had 9 games left. Apparently you have to be really unlucky for this to happen to you and it only happens to determine that the right people are in the right league. Maybe this is what happened to you? ...