Disconnected from xbox live when i playng CoD games

Hello to everybody, I apologize for my english, I don't know it well!
When i am playing CoD games: Modern Warfare 3 or Black Ops 2,i get disconnect from xbox live, it's really sad when you disconnected from game on 27 wave of zombies, it may happen after 5 or 45 min for example(my frinds staying playnig those match ), it happens and in private games and in public games, it does not matter who is hosting game. My xbox connected to internet by wired connection to router, nat is open, ping 5, dowload 50Mb, upload 7Mb, and i have allredy writen to support and we have deleteted cash, files with yellow symbol "!", profile, network settings, but it still happens
It can happen in other games, but for example in borderlands 2 i was disconnected only for 2 times, and in forza 4 i didn't disconnected yet
Pleese help me, i was looking for all internet for curing my issue, but still don't find........ 


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I'm having the same issue. I have tried everything including replacing my router with a new router plust wifi booster, deleting my hard drive cache, deleting my profile and re downloading it, adding ip forwarding settings for xboxlive and blackopts2, deleting and re downloading black opts2 to my hard drive. I also contacted my isp and had them send a new update to my router. in addition to all that I bought a new xbox360 thinking my ethernet card might be bad which didn't work. I also created a brand new xboxlive profile and played on it to see if my profile was corrupt and that didn't work either.

I'm pretty much out of trouble shooting solutions at this point. Also I have been playing blackopts2 since the release and this just started happening about two weeks ago.

  I'd suggest you try a ping program. Not the speedtest things that last a minute or so, but a downloadable ping program such as "robotest" ( I dont know if its stilll available but its an easy one to use)

 Run the program from your computer and ping just about any server, ie "google.com" . Set it to ping every 15 seconds and let it run for a long time, like 24 hours or more.

  You can then view the log files to see if there are problematic pings or fails. Any temporary problems acn reflect on lag , and if pings hit around 5 or 6 seconds or more it wil discaonnect you from a match. If its something on a regular basis, let your provider know and maybe they can find the issue.

  You can also compare the tests to the log files on your router to see if any actions coincide.

 I had a similar issue a couple years ago, and by following the above steps (and a couple more) I was able to diagnose an issue with my provider that they couldnt seem to find on their own. Although they insisted it wasn't on their end, by showing them proof, and being persistent, they finally fixed ( sort of ) the issue.

To be honest my son is having the same issues. He got kicked from  3 games last night. I know it was not our connection because I was not kicked at all.

  ^^  Thats interesting. I figured for the op it could be on his end simply because its not associated with any one game in particular.

   I know I get disconnected frequenlty, but I usually assume its just a host dashboarding, or my internet ( I know my issue still happens from time to time...... they wouldnt completely fix it )

  Are you and your son both wired?

I am but he is wireless. My other kid is also wireless and was not bumped from LIVE at all. It seems to only happen when my oldest is playing BO. I thought maybe it was lag because we had 3 Xbox running plus I was doing a little work on my laptop. Thing is it never seems to happen on other games for him.

 It could have to do with the length of time particular games allow you before being kicked.

  My wife and daughter have issues with thier wireless connections any time the cordless landline rings. Microwaves , cordless doorbells,, pretty much any wireless electronics can interrupt wireless networking.

 It wouldnt have to be all devices getting disconnected either. It would have to do with where the problematic device is in relation to your xbox and router. One could be getting some interference while other connections in your house arent.

  In your case I'd try to look for something near your son's console or at least closer to being in line with it from the router than others.

He did just switch all the stuff around in his room. I will have to look closer tonight. It may be all the junk he has around his TV now lol.  Thanks for the help.

me to but my xbox live works and i can play any cod intill itry to find a match i get disconnect why?