Disconnect at game end...again

Ok, for the third time in the last week I have been playing an individual that somehow disconnects both of us from the EA servers, checking my record the game does not show on my win loss but my disconnect % went up. I thought the first time was just a fluke but all three have been towards the end when I have control of the game, and at the time a quit would happen. Example. You just score to go up by 3 scores in the 4th, you pick off a pass that seals the game...etc. After the disconnect it takes me to the madden online screen but the message connecting to the EA servers comes up...2 of the times I could not log back on for an hour. I was still online because its easy to tell and just to make sure I popped another game and got online and played with no problems.I kept track of todays loser and will start naming them. ANYONE else have thiss happen to them?


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This is a server issue, no one is booting you from the game.  Maybe next time you are up by 3 scores, offer to grant mercy and move on and not try to run up the score.  I guess it is kind of karmic.

Actually I never run up the score...but you can assume what you want. Its not a server issue, these things do not happen exactly at those times stated. They are pulling their plug and its causing the server drop both me and my opponent I suspect. MJEAST, if you do not have any real info...just read and move on. I wanted other members to post if this has happened to them so we can alert EA...if they even care.