Discerning The Transmundane

I'm having a glitch or something on the "Transcribe the Lexicon" part of Discerning the Transmundane.  I follow the arrow to the doorway of Tower of Mzark and when I open the door, the arrow hangs there in the middle of the doorway.  If I use the lever and go up to the mountaintop the arrow tells me to go back down.  It's just stuck there in the doorway, but the doorway isn't one that leads to a loading screen, it just goes into the tower elevator, which is a preloaded area.  I don't know what to do to get it to advance.


Am I just out of luck and won't be able to finish this quest?


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I am not sure, but aren't you supposed to go above the door? I thought that door was the exit after you used the panel up a ramp above it to transcribe the Lexicon.

Have you gotten the elder scroll yet? I'm assuming you're at the end with the giant sphere in the room. If you are, you have to go up the ramps and put the lexicon in a slot on the right and line up the lights with what the scroll is in. If you've already got it, try loading a previous save and/or reset your Xbox.

yea i've done all that.  i'm no longer in the room any more, i finished everything in the big room with the ball, walked out through the dark area with all the neon trees, etc, and walked to a round elevator room called "Tower of Mzark".  the doors that i open up are just to go into the elevator room, but the arrow is on the doors... when i open the doors, the arrow just stays there where the doors meet when they are closed.


i may just have a glitched save because i gave up on it, went and did some quest with a Black Briar who is in jail in Riften, involving stealing a horse, etc.  I talked to him, talked to Maven and told her what he wanted me to do, she told me to go along with it for now. i also extorted the guy to give me some more money for doing it so he told me about his lockbox with money in it.  i went up, got the money, but there is no horse to steal.  it only has 3 "objectives" for me to do so far throughout the quest.  i have done all three, but there is no horse, there is nothing else i can say to the black briar guy in jail, or maven.  it's like the mission is just there, but i haven't completed it but its not giving me the next part of the quest...


i have moved this from one xbox, to the cloud, to the second xbox, played on that for a while (6 months or so), then back to the cloud and now to my current xbox.  i don't know if xfering it through the cloud could mess something up or what

Now i'm really confused because i just watched this video




and the door that he looks at at the 17:55 mark is the door i'm talking about, and it looks like it does the same thing to him, when he opens it the marker just stays there, but he just keeps going and THEN does the getting the lexicon thing.  i've already got the lexicon, but i think i may have left the cube thing on the pedestal.  I'm going to go back and make sure i picked that up, and just leave the way that he leave and see if it helps...