Disc Unreadable

So i bought a brand new slim xbox360..with three games..my fav..

Black ops2..Halo4..and Fifa13...they all worked fine until suddenly fifa started giving me the unreadable disc error,at first it was only a couple of times, but recently i cant get past the loading screen. at first i thought it was the disc but black ops started doing the same *** too its like wtf..theyre brand new on a new console..now they wont even read..it will only say disc unrecognized or something like that..so now im thinking its the stupid console, halo still works works fine but its the point im paying to play my games not just one. so i guess if theres no easy fix for this that wont void my warranty then my xbox i gonna be sent back to microsoft..

does anyone have a clue wat the *** is going on with these damn xbox? or is it time to switch to Playstation?


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slim? it's a new console and should have warranty. it sounds like the console, if the disks are both clean and no scratches.

Yeah, sounds like a faulty console. I had a similar issue when I got mine.

I have encountered this with brand new discs that that originate in France.My console sometimes thinks my Need forSpeed Shift is a dvd movie