disc read errors? seriously?

on my third copy of modern warfare 3, still cannot install past 46% on my hd or play more than 5 minutes of the game.  dont give me suggestions on how to fix it, ive tried everything, i only have one problem....does microsoft REALLY expect me to pay 120 dollars to "fix" my xbox when it only has issues with ONE GAME? if nothing happens soon, im selling all my stuff and buying a ps3 with the money, this is ridiculous.  


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Don't complain if you don'y want to fix your Xbox...

Don't want to fix my Xbox? there is nothing WRONG with my Xbox.  The issue is with a single game.  Today I played Skyrim on my Xbox, which came out after COD:MW3.  I am complaining because I want to get what I paid for.

I and hundreds of thousands of other players have had no problems installing the game.  You must be right though... it's gotta be the game that is broken, not your Xbox.  You should definitely trade in your ancient Xbox for $30, get pennies on the dollar for all of your games and controllers, and then pay the difference to get a PS3 and MW3.  That would definitely be better and more cost effective than paying Microsoft to fix your Box for $120, getting a 1 year warranty and keeping all your games.  That'll show them alright.  

So you'd rather spend a ton of money on a new PS3 (even with the money from the xbox you'll be spending more) rather than paying to get your xbox fixed?   yea, that makes total sense

he clearly wants to fix his xbox by the explaining the conflict he doesn't want to pay $120.00.

Microsoft is lucky that things arent like they used to be or else the company would have been burnt to the ground by the act of let alone children