i have been playing halo reach on an xbox for the past year, the disc has worked perfectly fine, i recently tried it in another xbox, and the xbox has a hard drive, and when i put the reach disk in, it will not load the game up, it wont even read that there is a disk in there. the xbox isnt faulty as every single other game works perfectly fine, and the reach disk still works in the xbox i have been using it on for a long time, can anyone give me any ideas as to where the problem could lie?


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the same happened to me for halo 3 AND Reach except i could still play. there were some campaign/firefight missions that would not load. What i did that worked for both of them is take the *** to the sink. wet it with cold water, use your shirt to scrub it thoroughly, then put it in the console and it should work perfectly fine

disc. oops. i typed something else

I've only been on Xbox Live for a little over 1 year, but I am all to familiar with this problem.  I still have the 20 GB Non-slim Xbox 360(I use a 16 GB & a 32GB Flash Drive for extra storage space).  Unfortunately, the reason that my Xbox 360 was doing this could be a symptom that my console is dying due to hardware issues.  I hope that I am wrong about this prediction, but it sounds like your console is going through the same thing.  I really hope that my console is not dying and that my "Halo Reach" unreadable disk error messages are simply just random glitches.  With that said, here are the things that I did when this issue(unreadable disk error) came up.  This is assuming that the disc has been cleaned already.  (1) Unplug everything from the console.  By this I mean the Hard Drive, Flash Drives, HDMI Cables, and Power Cord.  Let it be that way for about 5 minutes and plug everything back in, the game should work now.  If it doesn't work, try solution number two.  (2) When the DVD Drive once again recognizes that the game disc is in the tray, install "Halo Reach" to your Hard Drive or Flash Drive.  Please keep in mind that this requires 6.6 GB of memory.  It is recommended that you use your Hard Drive but since I don't have enough space for it, I installed it into the 32 GB Flash Drive.  So far so good, running "Halo Reach" from the Flash Drive works just fine.  Just so you know, this issue was also prevalent when I played "Need For Speed Carbon", especially after a long chase with the cops; causing my screen to freeze and forcing me to turn off my console.  I also installed this to the 32 GB Flash Drive and haven't ran into any problems yet.  Furthermore, I've found from experience that this annoying issue of "unreadable disk error" seems to happend more frequently when your console is standing up(in a verical position) and opposed to sitting down(in a horizontal position).  While I'm on the topic of "NFS Carbon" freezing up on my every now and then, I am also getting the same thing with "Mass Effect 3" multiplayer.  However, at this point, it is my speculation that the reasons for those freezing sessions during multiplayer were the results of lag.  I wish you the best and I hope that my advice helps you resolve this issue.

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honestly, if you have an xbox thats one of the white ones that are not touch sensored, your eye of your xbox might need to bae cleaned