Disc already scratched like crazy

So I got GTA 5 at a midnight release and I install the "Install" disc to my Xbox hard drive and I read a couple of articles that said it was safe to install the "Play" disc onto a flash drive as long as it's not the same hard drive as the 'install" disc. I did that and it runs MUCH better than it does without installing the "Play" disc. I got off for a little bit and when I went back on, my Xbox said it can't read the disc and I looked at it and all around the side of the disc it was severely scratched and messed up. Is it because I installed the "Play" disc? I had to install the disc a couple of times because of flash drive blows and keeps needing to be reconfigured for some reason. Should I not reinstall it if my flash drive does that again? I also got the one year warranty on the game from Gamestop for $3.00, would I be able to bring the game to them for an exchange if it stops working with the warranty?

I take excellent care of my games and have never seen the side of a discs get scratched up that much. 


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I call BS. You are describing a moved xbox scratch. USER ERROR!

if its around the outter edge of your disc...you probably moved your box from horizontal to verticle or vice versa while it was running and spinning the disc

Nope. I don't touch my Xbox especially when there's a disc inside. My Xbox has been in the same horizontal position since I bought it.

You moves\d your xbox dog stop lying.