Disasters are what???

So.... someone summoned me to help against Seath and before he hit the fog door, we were notified that we were invaded.    We dispatched the invaded and then Seath, and then went along our separate ways.   Not too long after, a message pops up on my screen reading:  "disasters are gone after defeating the gravelord servant".

Umm.... can someone explain this one?  I thought I was being invaded, but I was hollow and nothing happened.   I didn't pick up any Gravelord symbols, either.   Could I have been infected through a summoning, if the invader was a member of the Gravelord covenant or something??


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I think it's a glitch, it likes to randomly pop up. I thought you had to summon a trap summon to have this happen.

I think you got cursed with that Gravelord Servants ability, it doesn't matter if you kill the guy or another one of the other 2 People who got cursed kill him.

In the end the curse will be lifted from these 3 Players

Whoa, never heard of that until now.   Just had to look it up on the wiki.  That's messed up stuff,, especially where I was hollow.

Zamiel is right! Somebody placed an Eye Of Death in his world, which curses 3 random other players worlds.

To remove the curse one of those 3 has to find the guy that cursed their worlds and kill him.