As a gears fan I too am disappointed with this game. No horde mode and change of controls? A let down with this game

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way to read up on a game before release

Over run > your complaint

Hate to say I told you so...sorry bro,any consolation the gamestop down the street will give you $30 for the game only 3 days after release..........they said if it released with more than just 4 maps and some of the more popular modes and game mechanics they would have paid more but.....you know the rest.Gears 3 unresolved issues with a company that bans players,closes threads and dodges issues like a boss if they dare say anything negative about the game keeps most from Judgment.I don;t know if taking a mode out that they don't know how to fix the problems in is the answer,obviously with the general consensus that the game sucks is the end results to that,would.Would say better luck next time but,seeing they screwed alot of us in 3 with unresolved issues and then rushed Judgment in its half finished state out for release,don't think there is any coming back from this mess.

LOL why the F would you trade it back to those jacks when you can just sell it on craigslist for 50 bucks within seconds?

sell it on craigslist you can get atleast 40 for it.

its worth 40 bucks IMO.

its definitely not a great game, its a b rate game. but i enjoy it more than i thought i would because i loved Perfect Dark and it reminds me of perfect dark more and more each day. i like to stay back and shoot with the rifles and let everyone else have fire fights upclose.

It's pretty much like Fruity Pebbles taking out the fruit flavors and pebbles and adding shredded wheat