Disappointed with some of MW3

I am totally disappointed with the makers of MW3  when i t comes to2 things multiplayer system link and survival mode.  You are only allowed 1 player per system  when it comes to multiplayer system link, which makes it about pointless for me , my family, and my friends to have a MW3 LAN party. and with survival mode on 2 people ir lame also 4 would be much better 


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how do you get to have more than one person per console with multiplayer system link? i have only been able to do this with xbox live private match and only able to do two people per console.

Black OPS was a great game compared to this, and treyarch half assed it; if you are reading this you know MW3 sucks. If I wanted to play a game with 2006 tech I would play the first modern warfare.

Deathwish, he means he wishes it was more like Halo's split screen. Since Halo 2 (2004 release wasn't it?), you've been able to play everything in 4 player.

I agree with 4 person survival mode. I was kinda like ok how do I invite more people? Cause it replaced zombies, zombies was 4. But oh well.

It does seem like alot of things left out.

MW3  Sucks!! They tell us the game was designed to encourage people to play globally, if you are unlucky enough to play against an american player you get kicked round the map with the terrible lag, I read the game houses a lag compensation program ( the worse your connection  the better your game) how the hell does that make sense?......

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